Do I have to buy my tickets online?

No... You can purchase tickets when you get there.  Box office opens at 6:30 pm.


Is there a group rate?

Yes... If you have a group of 20 or more... you can call 419-279-0525 to arrange. We give $1 per person so the price would be $19 per person. Group ticket with a speedpass is $23.


Do you have Speed passes?

Yes - They are available online and at the box office. They can be purchased on smart-phones before or after you arrive.


Do you take credit cards?

Only for online ticket purchases. Cash only at the box office on-site!


Do the Actors touch you?

No... and do not touch them.


Is it Scary??

Yes... It is a haunted attraction! If you become too scared we will escort you out.


Is it REALLY haunted?

Of course!... we cannot promise you will have an experience... but it has been known to happen.


Will I get my money back if I make it all the way through?



Are you open if it rains?

Depends on weather.


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