In 1692, Abigail Sibley, an accused witch fled Salem and the notorious trials. She moved west to what is now central Ohio. Taken in by a small tribe of Seneca Indians, legend has it she would heal the sick, enable crops to grow, help defeat enemies and thus became revered to the tribe.


Decades later when settlers came and claimed the land they heard rumors of a 'Dogwoman' or female shaman that protected the area. A brief war ensued and it was said during this time she was either killed in a skirmish or was captured, tried and hung as a witch. Other stories say she was burned at the stake to cleanse the land or after a treaty was enacted with the tribe, her remains were buried on tribal burial grounds, the site of which was long forgotten.


Years later farmers and residents of this area claimed that a woods was home to a spectre that roamed there and haunted the nearby farmlands. Local legend grew that woods was the overgrown Indian burial ground. Eventually old timers told stories of the witch that came to the Seneca tribe. Researchers and historians believe it to be Abigail Sibley who escaped the Salem witch trials. Through the years, failed crops, animal mutilations, strange creatures, ghostly figures and eerie lights and sounds that come from these woods gave rise to the legend its the vengeful spirit now known as the Seneca Witch.


As with legends, curiosity seekers would search the woods. Most disappeared. Those that survived talked of a strange cottage hidden in the woods but eventually they went insane. Archeologists have found relics and ghost hunters  report strange occurrences. To this day the woods are considered evil.


So now, prepare yourself for a journey into fear. Are you ready to experience the horror that dwells in the woods and come face to face with the Seneca Witch!


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